Meat, Seafood and Deli Specials

Thursday 11/19 is the last day to order fresh turkeys for thanksgiving as well as prepared thanksgiving meals

Week of November 16th - November 22nd:

Store made hot or sweet chicken sausage, Italian style   $6.99/lb

Bone in prime cut cowboy steak or cut into roast of your size   $19.99/lb

Seasoned loin of pork - sea salt, garlic rosemary and paprika, ready to roast in the oven  $5.99/lb

Homemade fresh crab cakes, all real crabmeat, ready to cook   $19.99/lb

Raw shell on wild caught shrimp 16/20 size   $9.99/lb

Boars Head oven gold turkey breast  $8.99/lb

Boars Head sharp cheddar cheese  $5.99/lb

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